Welcome to Aikido University of Minnesota!

We are excited that you are interested in joining us on the mat! If you haven’t already done so, please check out our other pages for important details regarding class etiquette, practice times, and our dojo.

UMN Waivers

The University of Minnesota requires that all participants fill out a participation waiver before stepping onto the mat. If you would like to practice, please take a few minutes to fill out the waiver before coming to the gym:

Student Participation Waiver

Non-student Participation Waiver


What Do I Need to Practice Aikido?

We highly recommend wearing LONG PANTS as the mat will scuff you up pretty good without them. Long sleeves are also nice to have for the same reason, but not as necessary. Besides that, come with a positive, ready-to-learn attitude and be patient. We gladly welcome all new members and will try to review the basics if new members are at class. It’s commonly heard that “if you’re not having fun practicing Aikido, you’re not doing it right!”

What Is Required To Join the Club?

Becoming a member is described on our membership page. The most important part of being a part of the club is to COME TO PRACTICE. Practicing at least once a week is minimal if you want to see improvement. Practicing twice is recommended. We also ask that if you come to practice, you help support our club by paying dues each semester so that we can stay afloat. That’s it!