Summer 2009 Jo Practice

Chief Instructor
Patrick Riley Sensei

Riley Sensei

Patrick Riley Sensei

Beginning Aikido training at the University of Minnesota dojo in 1972, Riley Sensei continued his instruction under Tohei Akira Shihan, Chief Instructor of Midwest Aikido Federation.

Riley Sensei assumed the leadership of UofM Aikido in 1983, and between 1985 and 1996, advanced from the rank of shodan to sandan.  After Tohei Shihan’s passing, UofM Aikido was a member of WAAI until 2014.

At UofM Aikido’s 35th Anniversary seminar in September 2007, Riley Sensei was awarded with the rank of Yondan, coinciding with his 25th anniversary as the dojo’s chief instructor.

Look out!

Mmm, mae ukemi.

Professionally, Riley Sensei practices as a Nurse Anesthetist, working at St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul, MN. His wife, Pam, works there as well, as a radiological technologist in the Cardiovascular Lab. Their children, Nevin 16 and Elora 14, are excellent high school students and musicians, and a continued wonder to their parents.

In his spare time, Riley Sensei enjoys framing photos and art work, gardening, reading, and hiking in the woods.

Club President, September 2011-present

Eddie Tio

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Club Treasurer, September 2013-present

Adam Ludvik

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